one side of the coin

It’s nothing new when I say that when you choose to participate in a game of heads or tails that the winner is decided by chance not by skill or through bribery.
It’s purely decided by the one who has luck in their favor.
This has many good and bad elements to it. But since I am an optimist we are going to talk about the positive element first. But what is the positive side you might ask well let me explain.
Because luck technically doesn’t favor anyone means the victor is always decided randomly which leads to the effect of an on bias chosen victor.
With this relatively unique mechanic we can make choices that normally be biased fair take a soccer match as example.
Before a match start there needs to be decide which side goes to which team. This can easily be decided with an easy coinflip.
The referee decides which team calls the coin but that’s no biased because the chances remain the same.